Friday, July 17, 2009

Sage Perfumes

We just received a new collection of fragrances from Sage Perfumes. These unique blends are beautifully packaged in petite glass roller bottles within origami-inspired paper boxes and are delicate and feminine in every way. Unlike traditional perfume, which consists mostly of alcohol and water, Sage Perfumes are 100% oil. What that means is that the fragrance will last much longer on your skin. In fact, a single application will not only last throughout the day, but often into the next as well. The purity of the oils also enables your own body chemistry to come into play, making the scent more individual. Like a fine wine, these oils will actually improve with age. Just make sure they are kept in a cool place, and out of direct sunlight. My personal fragrance du jour is Coral, because I woke up this morning with the sandy beach on my mind. This one has a base of sandalwood, vanilla, and musk, middle notes of orange blossom and mimosa, and a subtle accent of coconut. I have not yet picked my favorite, though - they are all so good in their own ways. And they're light enough to mix, so the possibilities are practically endless.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Saint Grace is Back

I don't like to name favorites, but if I had to pick one clothing line to fill my entire closet, it would be Saint Grace. The fits are amazing, the fabrics are super-soft, and the style is somehow, ageless, timeless, casual, pulled-together, sexy, effortless, and right on trend. The line consists of well-made pieces that can take you from coffee, to the office, to happy hour, and then straight to bed, because they're just that comfortable. This season they have introduced some skinny jeans, a fitted blazer, a slouchy harem pant, all of which I can't wait to wear. But I'm also glad to see more of the rugby stripes, lounge pants, and cotton scarves that have been so popular in the past. We just unpacked a new box and the colors are gorgeous! Come, our most discerning customers, and prepare to be impressed.

Sale In Progress

A spectacular summer sale is currently underway. (Quite possibly our biggest and best ever!) More than half of the store is marked down - and this time, we've covered it all - shoes, jeans, jewelry, and bags. As the fall deliveries pour in and take over the racks, in-with-the-new means out- with-the-old. Come snatch up some great deals while they last!

Vintage Cowboy Boots

If you live in Texas, and you do not own a pair of cowboy boots, you should be ashamed of yourself. These vintage versions are pre-worn and boast the broken-in comfort and character that takes years to achieve. And they are NOW available at Root!

A Hot New Boyfriend

We have a great selection of the hottest trend in denim: The Boyfriend Jean. With variations of the style from Paige, Hudson, and Joe's Jeans, there is an ideal cut for every figure. You can count on these Boyfriends to ease your transition into fall. They are a stylish alternative to your old bootcuts and look fab with a summery tank and cool sandals right now. When the heat subsides, just pair them with a snug turtleneck, a rich leather belt, and ballet flats.